Inspirational mum-of-three dies of lung cancer at age of 50 despite never smoking

Inspirational mum-of-three dies of lung cancer at age of 50 despite never smoking

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to an inspirational mum of three who died of cancer days short of her 21st wedding anniversary.

Sarah Garrett, 50, was taking part in a cross-country race last year when she suddenly felt as though she was struggling to catch her breath but put it down to the cold.

A friend later recommended she see a doctor after more symptoms including seeing stars and having difficulty moving her leg.

To her shock she was diagnosed with lung cancer and died just seven months later leaving behind husband Scott, and her three sons Jack, 17, Robbie, 15, and Harry, 13, Chronicle Live reports.

Scott said: “She was a really loving mam and wife. She was quite a humble person but she was also very clever and quite inspirational.

“She worked extremely hard to provide for the lads and never complained about anything. She always put others first, even when she was going through difficult things.

“It was just before Christmas when we found out. She’d never smoked in her life but 10-15% of people who get lung cancer have never smoked.

“She’d never really been around second-hand smoke either. She was really unlucky to get it.

“I can’t even remember her having the flu and she rarely had a cold. Her immune system was like bulletproof…It was a massive shock.”

The couple were keen parkrunners with Sarah running 98 before her death.

In her memory her husband and three boys last month took part in Race for Life, raising £6,000 for Cancer Research.

In a tribute to Sarah on Wednesday, Gateshead Parkrun posted on Facebook : “It is with great sadness that we convey to you the news that our lovely friend and parkrunner, Sarah Garrett, tragically passed away last night after seven months of bravely living with cancer.

“Sarah was very well known in the running community and was a long-time member of Saltwell Harriers.

“Sarah was so proud of Scott and the boys and it was clear to anyone who knew them how inspired by her they all were.

“Sarah will be missed by a huge number of people at parkrun and beyond, but we are here to make a difference in the world and we all know that Sarah has made a big difference for so many from her fundraising, her determination, her commitment, her humility and the love she gave to her family and friends … a legacy that her boys will carry forward for certain.”